Donna Armes
Donna Armes campaign leader

The video above depicts the real life trade of dog and cat meat in Vietnam central. Selling "any meat" via uncontrolled methods has the potential to see food virus borne. The EU law states that meat of any kind that is for human consumption should not 1. exceed it's sell by and use by date 2. meat must stay at temperatures of between 0-5 oc not rising above as food pathogens will form producing food not fit for human consumption. 3. meat that has been infested with flies or other bacteria must not be sold to the public or passed off as safe 4. meat must be kept in sanitized and clean refrigerated/chilled atmospheres - As one can see here this is a major food violation although the laws of the European Union and Vietnam differ. Please Google search deaths caused by food borne viruses in Asia and one will see a very worrying trend. Further to this the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has issued a stark warning stating that atmospheric temperatures are on the rise in both Africa and Asia. Rising temperatures and food stored in this manner as depicted in the video above will only increase food virus related deaths and "contagious disease outbreak" = pandemics. Vietnam now has to acknowledge this serious health and hygiene issue before mass disease outbreaks placing millions of humans in harms way. We do not want dog and cat meat regulated as it is already illegal in Vietnam. We want the trade gone - completely.


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