Update #33 ·

The eradication of America's "protected" native wild horses continues with your tax dollars....

The Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act states:

"That Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene. It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands. "

Many dedicated people are fighting to save our few remaining wild horses/burros but they need many more voices to speak up for them. Only public pressure will change blm program of capture, branding, harassment, neglect, and death. Please don't forget your pledge to spread the word and also take a moment to write/fax/call the Whitehouse 202-456-1111, the media, the justice dept, secretary of interior (Sally Jewell 202-208-3100) or other agency of your choice. Time is running out for our wild horses/burros and Public Lands.


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