Update #2 ·

Warmest Christmas Greetings To You

To all my supporters for the Cause-"SAVE THE PLANET," I want to sincerely thank you for supporting this Cause. Thank you for taking that important step, in helping to protect the environment and creating a better world for all who live on this planet. It is because of your actions that animals are saved, parks are preserved and waterways are less polluted. Thank you for your help and remember to invite your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues to support us too and take the pledge here. Wherever you work also, remind people daily to do one small thing to help save the planet. As we move into the New Year 2014, may we continue to build a more beautiful world where humans and animals co-exist joyfully and peacefully together. Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2014!

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