Nandalal Dasi
Nandalal Dasi campaign leader

Dairy calves are separated from their mothers and kept in these hutches. The males are fattened and sold to the veal industry.

This is why we should be developing Vedic villages, not farms with temples or devotee communities where devotees live together but work outside at meaningless karmi jobs.

If you design a Vedic village (I just did, last night), you will find that in a place where devotee farmers are growing crops like wheat, cotton (for clothing), sugar cane, vegetables and have a small wheat mill where the oxen turn the grinding wheels, etc and where their labour is very much in demand to pull goods, school children, etc. around the village, there is no end to the need for their assistance.

In such a village, all devotees have work they love: some will be tailors, some will be weavers, some making jewelry, (all from their home workshops), some will care for the cows and process the milk into butter, ghee, curd and yogurt. Others will make ayurvedic preparations from the cow dung and other cow substances. Others will be artists, writers and thinkers. The Brahmins will teach and preach. Vanaprasthas will live in small cottages on the property as well and there can also be an assisted living facility with hospice for those of advanced years preparing to leave their bodies. All this can take place in a beautiful, rural setting away from cities where crime, tv, drugs and liquor and illicit sex are the way of life. Don't you think it's time we made a change?

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