Wake Up! Huge Government Distraction Going On Now! Police State (New NDAA) In Process While We Worry About Duck Dynasty and Christmas!

As usual, we’re being distracted by ‘important things’ while MORE important things are taking place in our government! They’re in the process of denying us our constitutional rights, our freedoms, and more while we’re out shopping for Christmas and worrying about what’s going on with Duck Dynasty and everything else. Do you agree that we are being ‘purposely’ distracted?
NDAA is being fast-tracked through congress! Check this out:
The 2014 version of the National Defense Authorization Act is said to be going through congress with lightning speed. With all the controversy surrounding the dangerous provisions approved under the last 2 versions, it is no wonder that congress is attempting to fast-track this latest bill before the American people catch wind of it.
For those that recall, it was the NDAA bill for 2012 that first codified into “law” the dangerous provisions for indefinite detention without trial or even a lawyer for any person even suspected of being some type of threat to the US government. It also stipulated that members of our military could be used against its citizens in facilitating such arrests and that the accused could be held in military or foreign prisons off of our shores. It also went a step further and granted tremendously dangerous authority to a President of the United States to “legally” assassinate such individuals merely accused of supposedly being a threat to the US. A recent article published by the New American has sounded the alarm that the 2014 version of the NDAA is currently being pushed through congress in time for a final vote before the end of the year with barely any time left for the American people to voice objections. —Examiner
So what exactly might make you a ‘threat’, in which someone could show up to so unlawfully, yet ‘legally’ arrest you without warrant or charge? In case you were not aware, earlier this year, the United States Military labeled ‘Evangelical Christians’ as the number one terrorist threat—ABOVE groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida, Hamas and others.
So, if you are a ‘practicing’ evangelical Christian, and this bill does indeed get passed while you’re looking the other way—watch out! You might get arrested and then executed for no reason, other than, you’re a Christian.
As a side note, Jay Rockefeller (D WVA) has attached a cyber-security amendment (linked below) to the NDAA 2014 bill in Congress to mandate that precautions be taken to protect America’s cyber infrastructure and private entities. Those of us who represent private entities, may soon find our free access to the internet eliminated.
We are living in the days spoken of by Daniel the Prophet and John the Revelator. If you DO NOT know Jesus, now is the time!

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