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There is far too much injustice in the benefits system and rich people are stealing the benefits that should be helping those who really need them. The tory tyrants of the UK don't care about anyone except themselves. You don't have to look very far to see how rich people rob the needy.

My mental health problems are invisible to most people but they have forced me to give up the work that I have done for most of my working life. I have about 2,000,000 miles of professional driving behind me, which was work that I really enjoyed. My experience includes haulage of many kinds, bus and coach driving, taxi driving and even a spell as a qualified driving instructor. I have had spells of unemployment but they were not very long because I worked as hard at finding work as I did when working.

So much for background information, now we get to recent times. It was about 4 years ago that my mental health became a big problem for me. Depression, panic attacks, blackouts, memory loss and the permanent migraine that has now taken up residence have left me unable to work because of danger to myself and others. I have twice attempted suicide, the first attempt almost being successful and I was able to stop myself from what I am sure would have been a successful suicide bid. I was found in the nick of time on the first attempt but there was nobody to find me for the second attempt, which I am sure would have been successful as there was not anyone around to stop me or phone for an ambulance. Now I have a live in carer who watches out for me and manages my medication.

When my benefits had to change from contribution based to income based, I had a period of nearly three months without any money and I was fortunate to have some great and genuine friends who helped me out with some money and food, including my fantastic landlord who was very patient and understanding. During those months, I had to fight the DWP all the way to finally getting my benefits back.

It was during that time that I found out about David Cameron's successful claim for DLA for his daughter. I am sure that he is not the only multi-millionaire or billionare to do this but I say that he, especially as Prime Minister of the UK, should not have claimed it as he can afford to ensure that his disabled daughter wants for nothing for the rest of her life. I believe that this shows a need to make benefits fairer without lining the pockets and bank accounts of the top 10% of the UK population. They don't NEED it, they just WANT it because they can legally claim it. This situation is deplorable, especially considering that people who really need it are being denied their rightful benefits.

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