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At first this sadism behind dog & cat meat & fur in S.Korea made me sad, now I am mad! The dogs & cats faces haunt me day & night. Notodogmeat drew my attention to all this & now I am an activist fighting for & supporting other causes too. Dogs & cats for meat & fur suffer deliberate torture at the hands of sadists who get rich promoting the myth that great quality meat MUST contain the stress related ingredient - adrenalin. This needs world exposure to make it stop. Surely all people must be able to see how wrong it is? I have made contact with many animal lovers in the Far East who agree we should threaten boycott to make their Gov. listen because money talks & also they want this story told until everyone in the world is aware so action can be taken collectively to make it stop. Remember 20 million dogs & cats (some are stolen family pets) suffer unbelievable torture every year in the Far East & we are told as the population increases so do these figures.

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