Charleston Parker
Charleston Parker campaign leader

Have you ever wondered what is being hidden from you by your Government and Religious Congregations? How many times have you felt that punctuated feeling of doubt or emptiness because you know something just doesn't feel or seem right? The truth may lie within all of us. However, there are many ancient royal families, religions, secret societies and multiple government organizations that make it their job to deny us the truth because of their selfish hidden agenda (New World Order)! These lies, schemes and plots are put into motion by people who don't want us to know something. Is there really a physical God? Is reincarnation real or imagined? Does heaven or hell exist? Do the politicians have your best interests in mind or are they simply part of a bigger plan to fool us all? What is the news media not telling us and why? Is UFO's part of a military plot or quite simply a hoax? Did the USA really take the first moon walk? Are religions here to help us understand our purpose as a soul or are they destroying our spiritual growth to control our mind?

Charleston Parker is a prominent self-taught theologian and scholar. He provides evidence in this highly controversial book that Jesus is a mythical character created by Josephus Flavius. In addition he proves Rome is the elite secret society that forced Christianity as a universal religion in order to control the banking monetary systems of the world.

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