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Who are we to judge another person? We are just as bent and we have made just as many mistakes as the people you meet everyday. This whole gay rights thing is very important. Yet why is it that I get a feeling no one is really looking at why this is getting a bigger and bigger problem. Why is it that people feel the need to act like God and judge. Their not even judging right because they have no heart, no sympathy no light. People hurt others for being different. Check if everyone in the whole world looked exactly the same, acted the same then how boring would that be. There would be no love no anything because it's all the same. Any type of PDA shown in public people would think it's gross. Doesn't matter if it's boyxboy or man and woman. We think that they should get a room so just don't show PDA in public. No one likes it and it goes the same with a man and women. People will always judge you. Either you fight back or not. I would preferably fight back. Freedom isn't free. Nothing is free. We won our freedom. We fought for it no our founding fathers fought for it. If I have to also fight for it then I will. I just hope I won't have to stand alone.

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