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Invisible Girl Project Featured on Sevenly.com

THIS WEEK ONLY, Sevenly is raising funds and awareness for Invisible Girl Project, our campaign partner dedicated to shedding light on gendercide in India, combating it, and caring for its survivors.  Even more amazing is that IGP has an anonymous matching donor that will help double funds collected during this time, up to $40,000!

So far, IGP has raised over $23,000 with Sevenly this week, but that's only half of the matching funds! Can you help hit $40,000? For every t-shirt, gift, or accessory purchased, Sevenly will donate $7 to IGP and the anonymous donor will double it to $14! Please consider shopping for some of their great items, and making a dramatic difference in a little girl's life! 

Invisible Girl Project has partnered with indigenous organizations that rescue baby girls from infanticide and care for little girls who are abandoned and vulnerable to trafficking. IGP’s partners provide care for these girls, help meet their needs, educate them, and help transform their lives. IGP’s partners in India are responsible for the care and support for over 560 girls.

To learn more, please  visit InvisibleGirlProject.org.


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