Heine Holger Jesuisliberte

Stop the palm oil industry land grab in Papua New Guinea!

Please, sign and share!

Sorry about the intrusion. Normally I shy away from asking my Facebook friends directly to sign petitions like this. But this is on of the big ones and unfortunately in a subject, which is quite overlooked.

This landgrab by big corporations at the cost of indigenous people and nature is going on all over the 3th World now. Very often this corporations operates on the behalf of and financed by huge CO2 Quota (Carbon Tax) Foundations with almost endless resources and political power behind them to buy up the land.

This scam is so incredible, that it is almost unbelievable; this corporations typically buy huge land areas with very little human activity and rich but vulnerable natural resources, like tropical rainforest. This is actually a part of Agenda 21 and the ongoing plan to pay 3th World countries to take care of the rich natural resources in that part of the world, in exchange of us being able to use the CO2 quota, or sold as it more likely.

The big problem here is, that both UN and EU has decided, that plantations have the same CO2 quota as indigenous forest. This simply means, that huge corporations, with political pressure behind them from UN and EU, can buy up rainforest etc. and then bulldoze it to make palm oil plantations. Or other plantations for that matter.

For the greedy people in big corp. this is just too much of a temptation basicly; it actually give them access to a massive landgrab for peanuts, after which they can sell the CO2 quota for a massive profit for years to come and in the same time run a huge plantation on the land with a produce to sell.

The extend of the disaster in this situation just can not be exaggerated; this land always belong to some indigenous group of people already, who get bullied out of the land, if not removed violently. Just search the internet and you will find an endless list of stories like this one from Philippines to Uganda. Most of these people seems to end up in the bottom of social life in the big cities or they end up working in the very plantations under slave like conditions, build on there old land.

On top of that, tropical rainforest is the richest nature reserves on this planet, always full of indigenous species, but also very vulnerable forest. There is no turning back in general; when this forest is first bulldozed down, it is gone forever and the species in it is lost. Among already endangered species under treat from these palm oil plantations, I have to mention the orangutan.

Basicly, huge corporations is in this fashion, with the political backing of EU and UN in reality, creating a gigantic social and environmental disaster, which probably can never be reversed. All in the name of the lame CO2 scare, which is nothing than a sad excuse for greed.

Indigenous people and the nature of 3th World countries unfortunately only has one hope; the opposition from people around the Globe! Please, take action on this one! Thank you!

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