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The PC Police Are at it Again!


The battle over free speech has become headline grabbing news after A&E Network decided to suspend one of the stars from the #1 rated  show Duck Dynasty. Following an interview Phil Robertson came under fire from the PC police after answering questions on gay marriage.  

A&E decided quickly to suspend Mr. Robertson bowing to pressure from the PC police and their allies in the mainstream media.

This decision strikes at the very heart of free speech.  Agree with him or not Mr. Robertson had every right to answer honestly and he should not be suspended for answering a question.

The point is simple:  The PC police will actively destroy anyone they disagree with.  As Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said, “The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with." 

That is why we need you more than ever!  We must come together and fight for free speech!  It is up to us to beat back the PC police.

In order for this campaign to succeed we need your help!  Please help us by considering the following:

1. Share this campaign with family and friends.  Send them the link and ask them to sign!

2. Share on Social networks!  Use your Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word to the world!

3. Start a personal campaign on Causes.  Show us you REALLY care by helping us collect signatures with your own personal campaign

This is bigger than anyone of us!  It is a campaign that strikes at the very heart of what it means to be an American!  Help us win one for free-speech!



Campaign won!

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