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Sunspot Natural Market Is Mixing Things Up!

When Joan Johnson founded Sunspot Natural Market in Kikomo, Ind., 36 years ago, GMOs and social media weren’t part of anyone’s vocabulary.

Today, Joan and her team have mastered the art of using Sunspot’s facebook page as a social media bully pulpit for the anti-GMO movement. Posts like “Remember our battle cry: Just say “NO!” to GMO!” remind consumers that they have a choice.  

Facebook updates on GMO labeling initiatives, the Monsanto Protection Act and Marches against Monsanto, interspersed with articles and videos, remind folks of Joan’s tenaciousness when it comes to educating her customers—and suppliers.

Joan’s anti-GMO campaign—which earned Sunspot a place on the Organic Consumers Association’s Top 12 Right to Know Grocers list—was born five years ago. Soon after, the store’s suppliers learned that the words “battle cry” were no exaggeration when it comes to Joan’s determination to rid her stores’ shelves of products containing GMOs.

Sunspot buyers read labels, check incoming deliveries and contact manufacturers when they suspect a product may contain GMOs. When they attend trade shows, they grill manufacturers about the GMO ingredients in their products, and drop those that aren’t able to come clean. They even pressure local livestock producers to discontinue using GMO feed.  

Joan tells us that her choice to name her store "Sunspot" is no accident. “Sunspot hopefully lives up to its name: A sunny, hopeful, happy place or, more scientifically, a storm on the sun that mixes things up a little!”

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