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Agitating for Change

When mainstream media starts paying attention, you know you’re having an impact.

An article this week by the Associated Press confirms that your willingness to boycott products and sign petitions, your conscious—and conscientious—buying decisions, are forcing Big Food to make, at the very least, small changes. According to the report, Americans are not only paying closer attention to what they eat, they’re making such a stink about “mysterious, unpronounceable” ingredients that some manufacturers are reformulating top-selling products.

OK, so we’re still a long way from the finish line. But as Wall Street food analyst, Ali Dibadj, points out in the article:

"It used to be that people would just decide not to buy the product. Now they're actually agitating for change. There's a bullhorn—which is the Internet—so you can get a lot of people involved very quickly."

You are the “people” Dibadj is talking about. Your involvement, your passion, your energy and your work are moving the ball forward.

Without you, there is no movement.

Please help us take on Monsanto and the Junk Food Giants in 2014. If we raise $200,000 by midnight December 31, natural health leader Mercola.com will match our funds. You can make your tax-deductible donation today to the Organic Consumers Association.  Or, if you want your donation to be used exclusively for GMO labeling legislation or initiatives, in Vermont, Oregon or elsewhere, you can donate to the Organic Consumers Fund our allied lobbying arm.

Thank you. For everything you do.

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