Susan L Piccinino
Susan L Piccinino campaign leader

PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. No one needs to die, We just need to FIX this ISSUE by getting this Petition to the right Agency ... SIGN NOW Show your Support

What do you think will happen to the Medical Marijuana Industry when the FIRST Patient DIES from contaminated weed? How many times have you heard on you Local News that Spinach or Lettuce is recalled because it caused an Epidemic They were TAINTED with E. Coli. Many Medical Marijuana Dispenser's Growers are NOT in Compliance with Health Standards MOLD, FUNGUS and PESTICIDES are being found through Medical Laboratory Testing. Statistics will be made public SOON.

You like your Medication?, me too But I promise you DOORS WILL SLAM CLOSED So fast your Head will spin. Then you will be back on the street seeking your Weed and hoping you do not get busted.

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