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What's New?

Hi everyone! So, we still haven't reached our goal please share this as much as possible! Also please check out my magazine Just Imperfectly Perfect (JIP) Magazine. Both the magazine and this campaign is trying to help people & get others to see that words can really hurt! Words are as sharp as knives, and though they may not leave any physical damage they can leave emotional damage which in my mind is even worse since no one knows the scars exist. It's like if you crumple and rip up a paper or throw a glass plate on the floor; when you say sorry it doesn't go back to the way it was. I am also proud to say that the magazine has been getting some wonderful recognition, we've been in 2 newspapers and 2 newsletters, I hope the magazine will draw more people to this cause as well! (: Also don't forget to check out the magazine's GoFundMe page, where we'll use the funds to help as many people as possible through our magazine and hands on. (:

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