Update #5 ·

Same-sex benefits under attack in our community

This is urgent. 

One month ago, an ordinance extending equal benefits for employees in same-sex partnerships passed by a vote of Chattanooga's city council, a fantastic step forward for equality.  

But this month, the ordinance was challenged by opponents of the freedom to marry, and now same-sex partner benefits are on hold pending a 2014 vote.

Our town is becoming a battleground for equality, and we need your immediate help. 

Will you invite your friends and family to ask Mayor Berke to stand up to anti-equality bullies by signing on as a Mayor for the Freedom to Marry?

With this newest anti-equality attack on our civil rights, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke's public support for the freedom to marry is more important than ever. 

Help us reach 2,000 signatures by this Friday.

Thank you for standing up for our town! 

Megan and Lindsey

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