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Child Trafficking Survivor Finds Help thru Ark of Hope

People have asked for stories about child abuse and child trafficking survivors Ark of Hope for Children has helped through the social networks and our Removing Chains survivor support site as they consider donating this season.

We began providing online emotional support due to a group of young people that had been trafficked and ritually abused. These started with only one of the teen male survivors who sought out Ark of Hope to see if he could REALLY find hope and a reason to carry on. This began back in 2008 when human trafficking did not even have a name and definition.

He and his other rescued friends were facing daily problems with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), nightmares, flashbacks, fear and inability to trust adults to name a few. He were "safe" with a roof, bed and food, but he didn't know how to cope and those who protected him could not get him to open up. He found us through the social networks.

We encouraged him that since we were not face to face it would be much easier. With unconditional love, constant reassurance and encouragement he slowly he began to open up about the horrific things done to him and what he was made to do. These things he had never been ale to tell another soul.

As he felt a weight start coming off his shoulders he began sharing his time with his comrades; others also saved from the same horrors. In time we were able to help them begin opening up to professionals in their area, while we at Ark of Hope for Children maintained daily support and encouragement.  

This daily level of support lasted for five years without any fees ever charged to the victims or their care takers. We only survive by support from outside sources... like you! We need your help to continue. Now that we have built our own safe and anonymous survivor support site with 10 live text-chat rooms, it is even more important. Please donate now in this giving season to help us continue and thrive.

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