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Thanks for supporting Ardani

Hello Friends, 

Unfortunately, I have sad news for those who don't already know. Despite our efforts to stop Ardani's removal proceeding, he was still deported Friday morning. Our Arizona team had a vigil overnight on Thursday, but ICE sneaked Ardani by the back of the facility in a van while passing another empty van by the front. What I feel is messed up is that Thursday ICE Headquarters had told us that he was not in the system to be deported, due that his stay of removal was still pending for review. This shows how awful and broken our immigration system is.

This is why UWD launched a campaign to expose all the wrongs that ICE and the administration has done and continues to do! Please join our campaign to tell the President to stop tearing families apart! http://bit.ly/ready4relief Also I have attached a flyer that we are sharing with everyone in the social media in response to Ardani's deportation and everyone who gets deported everyday. 

Although this case was lost, we are still grateful for everyone's support, and I believe that this determined movement effort will not go in vain as it will motivate us along with more people to do more in the future. It will demonstrate others that we are not willing to give up on each other. That we truly care for and love one another and that everyday one of us is deported, it does not go unnoticed. We all together will change the future for our next generations.

Thank you everyone for supporting us and help us continue to work together!


Abraham Ponce

National END Fellow| United We Dream

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