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This is Nell we call her the Demo dog as she does so many demonstrations with us this one was at the Badger Cull in Manchester she always has a lot of Media attention they were queuing up to take her photo Dogs know that they are on causers she behaved so well she is well loved she knows when anybody is in pain or feeling low these animals are so intelligent and yet in china and Korea they are burned alive beaten skinned alive boiled alive so they think that the meat taste better this had to stop I have even seen a woman with a blow torch on a live dog to torch the the fur off this bloody barbaric Dogs are so kind to is all they want is love , food , and a companion they have rescued us they find bombs they sniff out Guns they walk with the blind they help us so much I want you to help me by signing all petitions on this and by signing and sharing you will one day help our dogs thanks



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