Patti Mansfield
Patti Mansfield campaign leader

If you have a heart for animals then you will want to sign this petition to try to save over 125 dogs (number changes due to deaths) that are living in a concentration camp and are treated horribly. This cannot be called a sanctuary. We must get these animals out of here into safety. Would you want to live like this? Would you want your children to live like this? I think not. Well these are not just dogs they are souls an deserve so much better than this trash and horrid life. No sunlight, no walks, no food, no water, no heat, no AC in heat and being in crates to small that they can's even stand up. Help get the out of this hell hole. Please to to the White House and sign the petition. We need every animal advocate out there. We need 100,000 signatures by Jan. 13. 2014. Thank you in advance from the animals that are in this prison.



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