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Urgent request for assistance for the Libby, MT rabbits!


Hello Fellow-Rabbit advocates,   Chris Norlund, rabbit rescuer in WA state here.   

 I have an urgent request for financial assistance for the Libby, MT rabbits that you’ve been reading about on this Rabbit Action Alert.   These rabbits are dwindling fast, and there is NO LOCAL support except the kind-hearted couple that has rescued 40 of them already.  It may already be too late for the remaining loose ones, between the harsh weather, no food/water, and they all have a ‘target’ on them in the eyes of the local community.  

Dan Benson (man who has rescued them) is both physically (health issues) and financially unable to do any more than he already has. I’m a bit amazed that he and wife have gotten this far!     RIGHT NOW I’d like to contact a local feed store and set up a credit account so Dan can get supplies locally and QUICKLY.  Much faster than if we have anything shipped or donated to him. I will only release funds as needed, so there is less chance it can be abused, BUT he can go pick up exactly what he needs to feed them without waiting for supplies to arrive.   

I am asking if we can please ‘Pass The Hat’ and raise enough to keep him supplied with feed/supplies while we get the transport organized.  There is NOTHING in the way of rabbit assistance within 150+ miles from where this is taking place though, so I am asking the Rabbit Community to help fill this urgent need. River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary is willing to take the rabbits, and can go get them in about 1.5 wks, UNLESS we are able to organize transport sooner. So right now enough supplies to keep them going until then is what I’m asking for urgently and QUICKLY.  When we get to the next phase---we will need funds for  spay/neuter assistance, and transport 300mile roundtrip.  Also hoping that HRS may be helping with a portion of s/n costs.   

I’m hoping to raise at least $100 in next 24 hrs. This is to keep these rabbits fed until we can get to them.  So if you’re inclined to want to participate in helping with this---you have options.  You can make a contribution right away to my PayPal account --and funds will immediately go to feeding 40 rabbits now.  [email protected]

 OR if you need a tax receipt and would rather make your donation to Rivers’ Wish Sanctuary---that money will go to the spay/neuter of the rabbits once they are transported to safety. Please don't forget that Donations need to be "Noted for Libby, MT feral rabbits" if going through Riverswish.


Thanks for considering helping.  I’m hopeful that our efforts will save as many of these rabbits as possible. Together we can accomplish great things!!   

Email me at any time if you have any questions: [email protected]

Kindest regards, 
Chris Norlund, (Tacoma, WA)

Thank you for your continued support!

For The Rabbits
Linda Sue


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