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Our website is temporarily down, once again due to Murdoch’s News Group International. I was served with papers from a Spanish Court last Friday, giving me 2 days to take my website down or go to jail. This is the second time this year. Not only are they are trying to get MY registered domain www.elsunnews.com, which was taken down, but still belongs to me, they are also trying to sabotage the name I  then registered www.sunnews.es  four months after I registered it, and now after considerable expense in setting things back up I have had to pay someone to take it down. It is one week before Christmas, I am on my own with three kids in a foreign country,  I have changed the name of the newspaper three times to suit News Group, I have even put on the website and in the printed edition “THE NUMBER ONE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED NEWSPAPER”. To get a lawyer to fight them will cost money that I do not have. Is my little family run business such a threat to the Murdoch Empire? Do they own the word “SUN”? what about he other 585 newspaper worldwide with the name SUN in the title???? While the website is down I can be contacted through [email protected] but maybe they will try to steal my email address too! They even stooped a slow as to take my facebook Group off last year!

  Merry Christmas Rupert “Bloody” Murdoch

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