Ioannis Christidis
Ioannis Christidis campaign leader

On Saturday December the 14th 2013, Greek border guards, spotted a blood trail while patrolling a wooded area, near Greece's NW borderlines. It started from a dirt road and lead into the surrounding forest area. At the end of it, laid a young mother bear which had been shot at her face, by a hunting rifle. By her, arms wrapped around her head, laid her 1 yr old female cub, which carried multiple gunshot wounds in its body.

The mother bear was probably shot in an ambush set by the dirt road. Her cub, managed to escape, although it was too wounded. When the mother died, the hunters dragged her body out of sight, in an attempt to conceal the crime. When they had left, the cub returned to her mother and laid besides her in pain and in fear, waiting for her to awake... until it too succumbed to its wounds...

The bears were not in stockraising territory and no attacks or threats to livestock had been reported in the area.

This year has been a heavy year for Greek bears. Just a few weeks earlier, 2 other bears were shot in Northern Greece. In total, 8 bears have been illegally shot and killed by Greek hunters this year and another 8 have been killed in road accidents. "Arcturos", the Greek non-governmental organization that is involved in the preservation and protection of various threatened & endangered wildlife species ( has stated a report, declaring this as the most hideous crime against wildlife in Greece, in its 21 years of existence!

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