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I served with the Royal Marines on this tour of Afganistan with 3 Commando Brigade. I was with the logistic regiment that supplied the frontline troops with supplies. The marines were attached everyday by the relentless insurgants. These people have no moral standards and i have witnessed insurgants still try to attack secirity forces even when injured. They do not abide by Any rules. this marine had been barraged constantly and had lost many men on this tour. As a former senior rank you take it upon yourself to protect your soldiers to the best of your ability. The battle stress out there combined with the heat will have an effect on your judgement. I believe his decision in those circumstanses was justified. He should of been left to do his job and protect what every soldier who has died was defending(freedom). I hope he gets released and that his imprisonment is just not for political gain.
sgt paul weavers (retired)

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