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Greetings All... Please read

Hi Everyone. I want to take this special chance to Thank everyone for supporting this serious cause; concerning Stopping the Forced Organ Harvesting from Innocent Falun Gong practitioners in China.  Please consider bringing More of your friends, family and the world's people here and invite them to sign this petition. Please Share this petition on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even through word of mouth. The greatest essence of this cause is that people become Aware about Falun Gong and how this beautiful spiritual movement and its practitioners have been brutally persecuted at the hands of the evil Chinese Communist gangster regime in China for the last 13+ years. I urge all of you to gather more hearts to offer their support to this. Lets make it a Better year for all and stop this atrocity! Happy Holidays and Best wises, Mitchell Nicholas Gerber.


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