Update #4 ·

Due to the awesome response

I have extended the date to hopefully get even more signatures to present this petition with all our signatures to Government officials as soon as parliament resumes .... I am determined with all your support to see this petition get delivered to where it needs to be ....we will be heard!!! Together we can make a difference never stop believing change can happen!!! So let's keep being a very loud voice for the voiceless and pray for all animals in need a safe Christmas , they are in our thoughts and never forgotten and let it be known we will never give up our fight to end animal abuse, make animal abusers punishments fit their crimes and be exposed and keep trying to make the world a   fairer place where all animals rights are recognised and new laws and changes to be enacted to defend and protect all animals from all forms of abuse and work towards a more harmonious and caring compassionate environment where animals and their welfare protection and rights are at the forefront and to be adhered to instead of being over looked and ignoredhttps://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=695262227150488&id=363725540304160&substory_index=0

This petition has been delivered to Tony Abbott  Thank you for all your support

lets hope we make a noise

Wilhelmina Van Putten


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