Update #3 ·

Fundraiser Complete!

Thank you everyone, for your contributions!  Together we raised $1,630 towards our goal :)

Causes will take a portion for providing the platform for us to crowd-raise, so we will receive a check for about $1,500 to purchase new instruments for these remaining schools!

To read updates on these donations, I will continue posting on our Donation Stories Blog which you can read at this link: 


This job is rewarding on so many levels.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a vessel for others, through this organization and we appreciate you taking this journey with KTBA.

My next campaign will be in 2014.  You may not be in the position to give next time, but please pass the word along.  

I look forward to contributing to your causes as well!

Remember: Don't just talk about it; Be about it!  Make this world a better place. :)  

Happy Holidays.


Shawn Hagood - Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation

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Campaign closed

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