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This matters to me on so many levels. One: Because every species here on this earth has the natural right to survival, even humans. We tend to think of ourselves as having divine "rights" over all life itself when in fact, this is not true at all. We have moved out into and encroached in others territories such as the wolf, the bear, the coyote, and the mountain lion. We are led to believe we have the right to go into and take over any ecosystem we deem fit to own. We have become in short, a greedy mindless mammalian virus that goes into any ecosystem and uses all the natural resources until they are depleted. Nature eventually will strike a balance again and bring back a true course of nature, I believe we, as a species, will become the endangered ones here. We have a false sense of "illusionary dominion" way of thinking that has been passed down from many, many generations. I think that eventually, Nature will hand us our butts on a wooden platter. All life is sacred and not a debatable forum for us.

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