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A lake is a large water body that is remote from the sea.
The people of Jalisco have the great fortune of having in our state with the largest lake in Mexico , Lake Chapala , with an area of ​​almost 115 000 hectares.

38 miles Wide
80 miles long
Volume 3,900 million cubic meters .

Chapala The word is derived from chapalala which means "Place of grasshoppers on the water " (Nahuatl ) .
Chapala Foundation , was held in the year of 1510, when a head of Poncitlán Tecuexe called Chapalac , had differences with Coca cacique and emigrated to this place with his warriors and families , to subdue the indigenous groups who were by Ajijic side and Jocotepec . Upon arrival of Nuño Beltrán , who conquered the place in 1530 , was named by the natives under the name of San Martin de Chapalac . The March 27, 1824 , he was awarded the title of Villa Chapala , in the proposition Fifth Territorial Plan of the State Division .

The Spanish , seeing the Lake Chapala for the first time , called it " Mar Chapálico " to express his great
size and characteristics , which resembled a sea.

The fauna of Lake Chapala , consists mainly of white fish , knife, catfish, soguero , chub , bream , mallard , biscuit and seagull.

Since 1954 , work began to drive water Chapala to Guadalajara , across the Rio Santiago and by more than 80 channels and 2 plants kilomentros flows pumped 80 meters high .
The water must be pumped , as the city of Guadalajara is located at a higher elevation than the Chapala area , so driving the water from this point , has to overcome gravity .

Water, is one that can be used for consumption
human .

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