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The first comprehensive Dementia awareness campaign platform in Bangladesh

About ASB
Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh(ASB) is a non-profit voluntary national organization has been working to awareness raising, support, and research to the Bangladeshies on dementia and related disorders The first comprehensive Dementia awareness campaign Platform in Bangladesh .It is ones losing memory power, thinking, emotion and behavior which is affecting millions of our lives in the world. Be aware that dementia people are served with spirits of service and love bringing creature comforts.
Our vision is being deeply committed to create a society where the dementia affected people will be best served in improving their quality of life and to help of their caregivers.
ASB strongly believes bottom-up integrated and innovative approaches by working hand-in-hand with the people living with Dementia (PWD) of their families and caregivers.

• ASB will provide their leadership, efficacy, policy, services and research, awareness about Dementia through mass campaign
• Advocacy with state and non-state entities including Dementia as a national health priority
• Dementia Services and Information Center
• Providing Training and Education
• Building effective network, linkage and collaboration with other concern concerned bodies.
• Celebration of World Alzheimer’s Month/ Day 21th September with befitting manner
• Providing support
• Publication, poster, leaflet, newsletter and magazine
• Fund raising event
Understanding the unique needs of People living with dementia
Respect for all individuals and community
Cooperative working relationship
Innovation, creativity and flexibility
Valuing the contribution of all people involved in our work
Strength and unity with respect of people under dementia diversity
Being transparent, accountable and sustainable
Bringing creature comfort

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