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This is our little Dog Lily. She is just like one of the family. In 1992 we watched our month old twins die. Not long after I became pregnant again twin boys. Had a surgical procedure done went into premature labor & they died. At the time of our 4 babies deaths, we had a little black dog named buddy. I cried my self to sleep every night for months. This beautiful animal never left my side. He licked

d my tears away & put his head on my pillow & would reach his paw out to me. No one but no one will ever tell me that animals can't understand. Wake up... They are your biggest fans. Love you unconditionally. We finally in 1994. Had our son Tyler who is now 19. We have always had a dog in our home. Even five at once. This little one you see here. She knows each & every member of her family. What ever one of us is hurting. That's who she follows & sticks to. If one of us is sick. She stays right there.she is an animal that understands & has more compassion & understanding of each of our feelings than our family or friends. Someone out there needs to make protecting these beautiful loving animals. Why!!!!! Because they are the ones that protect you & you don't even have to ask. They love you!!! Even when your having a bad day, unconditionally. Last but not least. They are the only thing you will ever have in your life, that wants nothing from you but your love. And they give it back to you ten times more. Please help protect our dogs & animals. They need a voice. They need you......



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