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In Nepal I've been seeing sacrifices of birds and animals since my childhood. I never liked it and wondered about the laws of creation and doubted the good intention of this wilderness called creation. Here in Nepal many occasions in one year millions of animals are scarified in just one day in the name of traditional cultural and religious causes which I hate. I hate people celebrating their happiness by killing and savoring other being just like us. So when I began to get these links, I began to sign the petitions. It gives me a little solace that if I have done a drop of contribution. I had tried being vegan for many times. The longest lasted for 9 months. We live in a joint family and I can't convince all, so it was like relapsing in addiction. Now since I began to sign I have stopped all animal or birds products for myself and it has just been about 2 months now but I guess this time I will carry on with all your supports for these human genuine causes. I started a petition to stop this last month but couldn't gather enough signatures so I had to stop it. Thank you.

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