Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

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MY World is a United Nations global survey for citizens.

We ask ALL animal loving humans to VOTE to make Animals a priority.

Tell them that we want animals recognized as a priority!


At the bottom of the survey is an OPTION to suggest a priority.

PLEASE click on that and vote to make Animals a priority.

Let the survey people see just HOW many people care about animals.



"EVERY ANIMAL COUNTS" add your name.

Violence against animals NEEDS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY….

make the people who commit these acts of violence on animals pay harshly for their crime!

As a Global citizen i am concerned about the ever growing number of abused animals and the violence we see being directed at them everyday.

EVERY ANIMAL COUNTS – please add your name to the list of Puppy Doe Ambassadors worldwide who are committed to the campaign STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS!



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