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**Nursing Home Abuse is Tragically Common**

http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1597419  Please Click on the link to the left.  Please [Read] & [Share] this Very Critical Issue that needs to be Nipped In The Butt!!   How Can You Help?  Please Go To Petition and Click Invite Friends to SIGN!   5,636 Signatures and Counting!! This Petition has been running since Dec 4th, 2012.>> Is this a good amount of signatures for change? "NO" Right? I have been going through Hell and Back trying to get People to Sign & Share such a Very Serious Petition. We are not here to take down over 16,000 Nursing homes in the US>> We need to IMPROVE them. . My Father is Not Alone. This is a National Epidemic of Elderly Abuse and Neglect going on in the Nursing Homes across the World that is Hidden and nothing being done about it except for Lawsuits and One Big Buy Out! Just Keeps Happening!! Let's Bring The Bad Nursing Homes up to the Good! 90% Of All Nursing Homes in the United States are Short-Staffed. Are You STANDING With Us  or Its Not Important? Thank You for your continuous support. >>Want To Thank Ingrid Ser for Recruiting 605 People to Sign this Petition! Want to thank ALL Campaign Members for Your Signatures and Pledges!! Keep Up The Great Work!! God Bless You ALL!!~~ We Need Everyone's Ongoing Help and Support.  ~~Thank You Very Much!! ~~ The Campaign

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