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Update on Fragile Waters from filmmaker Rick Wood

Greetings all! We have ramped-up into high gear and will be busy, busy, busy going into the holidays. Monday, Dec. 16, Shari Macy and I will be on the air on KGMI radio. We'll be talking about the salmon issue, Southern Resident Killer Whales and the environment of Puget Sound. Should be on from 10:30 - 11 a.m. You can listen live (via computer) here: http://kgmi.com/ .

Also, my book "Nature Aware" (2nd ed.)  is free from today (Saturday Dec. 14) until Tuesday (Dec. 17). You can download the book at the link below as a little Thank You for those who have donated to the making of Fragile Waters and/or shared this cause with others to help raise funds for the film.

The link for your FREE copy of the book Nature Aware is at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GMZMK14 - but make sure you get it by Tuesday to get it free!

The fundraising started out with a bang and we raised over $1500, but we still need to raise another $9500 to fully fund Fragile Waters.

THANK YOU for your support! Please share this cause with other like-minded friends you think may want to be a part of this adventure to raise awareness about the Southern Resident orcas, and what it is going to take to recover their dwindling population. J pod has been gracing the waters of Puget Sound all day, to the delight of hundreds of people lining the shoreline in the greater Seattle area. Let's do all we can to work together to make sure future generations can experience this thrill of watching future generations of Southern Resident orcas, swimming in the Salish Sea.  

Rick Wood, Film director, Fragile Waters

Susan Berta & Howard Garrett, Orca Network

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