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My letter to the editor of Staten Island Advance about the turkeys


By JOANNA TIERNO MIDLAND BEACH   Since I have yet to see even a single “No turkey feeding” sign on or near South Beach Psychiatric Center, I wanted to bring to fellow turkey lovers’ attention that turkeys on the grounds of the hospital are still going to be killed. One batch of turkeys was sent to a sanctuary in the Catskills, but the next USDA round up resulted in the death of dozens of turkeys.   Turkey feeding on or near the hospital grounds only sets up turkeys to be captured and slaughtered. In fact, killing our turkeys will be an ineffective solution because so long as food is being provided at the hospital more turkeys will come. Humane management would be best, but the public can help save turkeys by not feeding them where they are not wanted.

Photo-Wild turkeys revel in the snow along Hylan Boulevard in Dongan Hills by Staten Island Advance/Roxanne Ricker  http://photos.silive.com/advance/2013/12/1211newszip_36.html

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There was no transparency or public discussion about the killing of our turkeys either because the powers that be know is wrong and know that the public would object.  These turkeys are companions to many, attract tourists and even have helped people meet & bond with one another.  I have so many happy memories of our turkeys.  They were a real comfort & joy.  Also a learning…

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