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Beside the fact I am a owner of a pit bull I got from our local animal control and that she's a love and part of our family which includes our grandchildren whom love her dearly . I also feed strays everyday. I've become familiar with a few rural people who are really Sanford types. I feed one pitty who lives on a property and fearful of people , yet she waits on my arrival everyday to be fed morning & night. She's also, been over bred having many litters at her young age. Because I've fed her for 2 years now I see her litters when their very little new borns. Then about 5 weeks of their ages they will suddenly disappear. I've confronted the Home owner about this . His reply someone just comes onto my property and removes. I have told this old Man that I Will report any dog fight ring and he'll be arrested too! He knows I'm watching and will report any misbehavior from he and his friends. In fact, I'll call the police on him immediately the first indication of foul play I feel from he or his old men friends. Yes, I've called him out on this and will continue to feed her and keep notes. Dog fighting is not going to be tolerated if it's going on anywhere around me!

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