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"What Would Ella Baker Do?"

"...I just thought of myself as functioning where there was a need."

That's how our namesake Ms. Ella Baker described her extraordinary life's work in a 1970 interview.

Working behind the scenes, rather than constantly seeking the limelight, was a key part of Ms. Baker's philosophy of leadership. We know that. But we also can't help wanting more people to know about her and the crucial role she played in the success of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Today, her birth (and death) day, we've invited folks in our community to write about why Ms. Baker's life and approach to leadership are still relevant today. 

How would she have approached the challenges we're facing? What movements would she have been a part of? 

So keep Ms. Baker's legacy alive today--read, comment, and share widely!

Mia Murrietta

Ella’s Song: “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Until it Comes” by Nan Dillard
Listen as the famous heritage group Sweet Honey in the Rock brings even more passion to Ms. Baker's words in "Ella’s Song."   

A Letter to Ella Baker by Caitlin Seandel
What would you ask a badass activist?  

How Today’s Dreamers Carry on Ella Baker’s Legacy by Owen Thompson
On the anniversary of Ella Baker’s birth and death, her radical model for social change lives on in the Dreamers. 

From “Me, Myself, and I” to “Us, Ourselves, and We” by Memo Gracia Duarte
Lessons on leadership and "making a contribution" from Civil Rights leader Ella Baker.   

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