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People, we need to take action... people keep getting away with these horrific acts! The only way to change the punishments for evil people like this is to stand up and speak out for those who can't speak for themselves! We have to be their voices people! We cannot continue to let people liek this get away with this abuse, torture, and murder! Our society has become so desensitized to things like this and its horrible and scary!! The world can't continue like this or in 10 years nothing will surprise us...nothing will make us cringe and that is unacceptable!

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Animal Advocate .. I speak for all animals.. Animal Advocates worldwide are doing their upmost to get Lawmakers to change Laws and to recognize that animal cruelty is a serious issue in our communities. We want to see Laws changed and made harsher so that the people that commit these heinous crimes against animals are convicted and punished accordingly. I support Animal Abuser Registers! …

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ARE YOU APPALLED BY THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY? Does the torture of Puppy Doe enrage you? - it should. Then - Help find the torturers of "Puppy Doe"  fb page : A shaken Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore of the Animal Rescue League said the fate of the brindle-colored pit cops named "Puppy Doe" before she was euthanized is "unquestionably ... hands down" the…

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Hello and thankyou for taking action on this most brutal of Animal cruelty crimes. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR BUDDY...let the District Attorney and Sheriff's Department know how you feel about - ANDREW DELGADO - and what he did to his family pet 3 year old Basset Hound - Buddy. ANDREW DELGADO is obviously deranged and poses a threat to animals and humans alike! Suspect Andrew Delgado was arrested…

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