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URGENT: 2-year-old Pablito outside of ICE office asking for his Daddy! He wants to have his daddy back on X-mas! Please call ICE and helps us keep this family together. Today may be the last chance we get to call!

1) Call ICE Phoenix Field Office at 6027667030:

2) Call Florence SPC 5208688377

3) Call ICE Field Office Director in Jon Gurule at (602)766-7002

Script: "Hi my name is _______________ from [city, state] I am calling to ask [Name of person] to please grant stay of removal to Ardani Rosales Lemus (A#098918011) and to release him immediately! He is a valued member of the community in Phoenix, AZ and a loving father two U.S. citizens. He is set to be deported this Friday. If he returns to Guatemala he will be killed! He deserves to stay with his family, not die. Don't let his family suffer any longer. Thank you!"



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