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Orcas, as well as other cetaceans, are extremely social mammals. As a matter of fact biologists and scientists that have studied the social structure of these mammals have found that their family bonds are stronger and deeper than that of human beings. That is why when one member of the pod is sick or injured the remainder of the pod will risk their lives to stay with the sick or injured member, even if it means they all die.
They are willing to risk the pod's lives to try to save the one's life who is in distress.
To have ruthless, selfish human beings go out to sea and steal two baby Orcas away from their Mother's, who are probably still nursing them, as well as the rest of their family is just barbaric, because when they are stolen from their pod, you can hear the babies as well as the rest of the pod screaming and crying for each other, as they don't know what is happening to them or why! They just know that they belong together and for some horrible reason their babies are being stolen from them! A lot of the stolen babies die soon after capture due to the stress and also being starved of their Mother's milk, while the remaining Orca pod goes on forever continuing to search for and call out to their missing calves.
To steal these two young calves from their family, just to put them in a large overgrown swimming pool, to advertise and make money off of them for the 2014 Winter Olympics is sickening and should be illegal! I, and everyone that I've contacted through Facebook and emails have signed the petition protesting this horrible atrocity, and unless the IOC steps in and makes their own rules regarding what will and will NOT be at the 2014 Winter Olympics, none of us will be watching the games! I'm sorry, but I must boycott the Olympics as long as the IOC thinks it's okay to let the Russians steal young Orcas from the sea and their families, and put them on display in a tank for the amusement of people coming to see the Olympics, while the pod out at sea continues to mourn and search for their stolen babies.
Thank you, Dolphin Dani J.


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