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News for our Product

WE named our tool Guardidanator.  It  is programmed  to Protect the victim, Intervene when a crime occurs and Enforce the Orders.  

How it works:

A combination of Network Proprietary code and specially designed tamper resistant hardware tracking devices small enough to wear.  The Network is called the Guardianator and the tracking devices are guardians

When an order is issued the details are entered into the Guardianator.  The devices will be locked on to the victim and to the offender.  the tracking devices will communicate with the network 24/7.   If the devices are tampered with or removed or the details of the order violated a real-time detailed alert is sent to the victims so they can seek safety to the police so they can track down the offender and a report is generated as evidence to enforce the order.  PIE, Protect, Intervene and Enforce.  Please pass this on.  We are in prototype mode and need to make it market ready.  Your support can help us raise the funds we need.

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