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Craig's List does not monitor live animals given away for free. This is PROHIBITED in their very fine print but Craig's List leaves it up to individuals to "flag" "Free to Good Home" ads as prohibitied. I see daily that the ads are still there after flagging two or three times so flagging these ads as prohibited doesn't seem to help either.

Free animals on Craig's List wind up being tested on for large companies, used as a "non- fighter" in illegal gambling dog fights, with their muzzles duct taped closed to make THEIR fighter dog have more confidence after killing the defenseless animal.

Kittens, cats & smaller dogs are often used as FREE FOOD for exotic animals or bait.

Companies hire people to watch for "Free to good home" ads on Craig's List and get about $25/animal.

Craig's List can greatly deter these sickos by actively monitoring ads to include a small RE-HOMING FEE of $8-10 in description.s.
These cruel people will bypass an ad that has an $8-10 re-homing fee because it eats into their profit. Some even bring a child to make it appear legit! Sadly, some people have no regard for the cruel acts bestowed on these innocent creatures. It's easy money for them.

Here's one of many petitions to Craig's List available:

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