Elizabeth Mwebaza
Elizabeth Mwebaza campaign leader

'The pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid that cannot escape or the scarring from Hydrocephalus causes serious brain damage in children. Those with worse aftermath effects highly depend on the care their mothers will provide for them otherwise as soon as that care ceases, they die due to mental deficiency.'
This is a major reason to sensitize mothers and communities to regularly take their children to hospital for reviews. They also need to be sensitized about the preventive measures of Hydrocephalus and the myths surrounding this disease causing some people to think it is black magic and either killing or abandoning infants with the disease.
2500 new cases of infant hydrocephalus every year in Uganda are reported! This number is to high. Preventive measures need to be taken and for those who have the disease, there is more than a possibility for the infants to continue living a normal life. Let us help them live a pain free life as physical limitations and pain for example headaches, vomiting, seizures, dizziness are part of this disease. Imagine a month old baby living a life with such pain and weight, and cannot even speak to say; “mum it hurts.” Please let us help.

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