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"One of the rescued Grey parrots at the Ngamba release site was particularly playful. We named this bird Patience, for his courage and tenacity. He would walk up one of the poles in the aviary and slide down, again and again. As he did so he'd flap his wings, perhaps in anticipation of the adventure that lay ahead.

Despite his apparent strength, when it came to the final health check the day before the release his flight was not strong enough to meet the challenges he would face in the wild. The tough decision was made to keep him back, to be released when we were sure he had the best chance. Every day from his aviary he watches the lucky released birds flying off into the forests. With our care and support, he'll be able to join them and the thousands of other parrots WPT has helped release throughout Africa soon."

Dr. Rowan Martin
Project Manager, WPT - Africa Conservation Programme


Dear Friends,

It was a sad decision to have to keep Patience back while his flock mates were allowed to finally fly free again, three long years after they were taken from the wild by poachers.

But thanks to timely intervention by WPT, its field partners, and the support of people like you, this lucky group of Grey parrots received the care they needed to be able to fly free in the wild once again. And Patience is receiving the extra care he needs to build his strength so that he can join them again soon.

But Patience's story is not unique: many other parrots are struggling in Africa. Your generous gift will ensure direct actions such as:

- Rehabilitating and releasing confiscated birds
- Working with law enforcement and governments to eliminate the bird trade
- Conducting research on the ecology of the parrots
- Educating communities to the plight of parrots
- Re-establishing wild populations in suitable areas of their former range

And we'll do even more in 2014, but we need concerned people like you to help.

Please consider donating to Save Africa's Parrots. Through your support this year, you can aid recovery programs already underway. Just one gift of $25, $50 or $100 will help us to protect Africa's parrots. And here's the best part: generous sponsors will match your gift, doubling your impact to save parrots!

Please, become a parrot hero and help Save Africa's Parrots today.

Best regards,

Dr. Rowan Martin
Project Manager,
WPT - Africa Conservation Programme

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