Suzanne Stewart
Suzanne Stewart campaign leader

This past November 2013, I did a fundraiser...a raffle. I made several " RSD/CRPS Awareness" bracelets/earrings. People donated money & 100% of the donations went to RSDHOPE.ORG. I put their name into the raffle as many times = to the # of dollars they donated. I raised $250.00, while in pain 24/7 myself. I have full body/systemic RSD/CRPSII. I organized, made the jewelry and did the fundraiser event without any assistance. A few people in my "closed" support group, "Invisible Diseases Esp. Chronic Pain & Including RSD/CRPS"; helped me to get the word out, regarding this fundraiser. A few of my friends who just wanted to be supportive and who are not in any pain at all, gave to this fundraiser as did some of my support group members. I managed to raise and send in $250.00 and I'm very excited and proud to send them this check.

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