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November Proved to be a Tragic Month

As we feared, November once again proved to be a month marked by a high number of fatal dog attacks. During this month, five Americans were struck down by vicious dogs, primarily pit bulls.  

  • Beginning on November 1, Terry Douglass, 56-years old, was mauled to death by her pet pit bull in Baltimore. The animal had attacked the wheelchair-bound woman twice before. Baltimore City Animal Control returned the dog to her after the second attack. The dog subsequently killed her.  
  • On November 4, Katherine Atkins, 25-years old of Kernersville, North Carolina, was brutally mauled to death by her boyfriend's two pit bulls. Katherine died alone outside, while two adult pit bulls she had known since puppies ripped away at her body. A beautiful life cut short forever.  
  • On November 5, Nga Woodhead, 65-years old of Spanaway, Washington, died after being attacked by two loose pit bulls on October 30. It is a heartbreaking story that involves heroic citizens and a husband who lost his wife one day before their 42nd wedding anniversary.  
  • On November 8, Levi Watson, 4-years old of Bradford Arkansas, was viciously attacked by up to three pit bulls while he visited a residence with his mother on Piker Road in Bradford. Somehow, the boy managed to get out of the home and into a fenced area where the pit bulls were held.  
  • On November 21, Joan Kappen, 75-years old of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, was mauled to death by a loose bullsmatiff while taking her daily walk in her gated community. Her husband, Hans Kappen, has become an outspoken advocate calling for authorities to regulate dangerous dog breeds.  

The most recent fatal dog attack occurred on December 7, Jah’niyah White, 2-years old of Chicago, Illinois. Authorities continue to investigate. No breed information has been released thus far.    

We are growing to the end of this important Pledge Campaign. There are only 22 days remaining in 2013. We appreciate your support and participation throughout this extended campaign.  

  • Thus far in 2013, pit bulls and their mixes are responsible for over 80% of all attacks resulting in human fatality -- a 22% rise in the combined 8-year average (2005 to 2012) of 60%.  
  • 41% of all victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog's owner at the time of the attack. Excluding the death of Jah'niyah, 91% of these attacks involved pit bulls.  

Thank you again for your support.

There are 22 days remaining to reach our goal of 500 pledges.

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