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ROMANIA ? Thanks but....NO....until they STOP the extermination of stray dogs and the Police brutality...

Dear friends, 

Many horrible acts of cruelty towards animals and also towards their protectors took place , more intesified in the last couple of months in Romania. There is a huge amount of information in the links added to the latest petition which we kindly ask you to sign and share.


There  have been protests in Bucharest against the new law which allows the EXTERMINATION of stray dogs, YET the Romanian Media ignored them completely although animal rights activists from abroad came to Bucharest to show solidarity with the good Romanian people who fight for the rights of animals...

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We  would like to THANK all those who lended their voices for the right to LIVE of all animals , on this planet, and most especially in Romania, because this cause is dedicated to them.

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” 

THANK YOU ! God Bless you all. !

May you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and a MUCH MUCH BETTER NEW YEAR ! 

Campaign closed

PLEASE READ, SIGN the petition and SHARE....Thank you...Thank you OFA !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people, everywhere.https://www.change.org/petitions/constitutional-court-of-romania-please-reject-the-pl912-modification-proposal-of-the-lower-house I invite you all to join this magnificent voice for animals on Facebook : Occupy for Animals... …

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Tuesday, Sept.10, 2013 : Romania has opened the gates of HELL for the stray dogs...the LEGAL EXTERMINATION has begun. Please read all the information about all the events which led to this BARBARIC decision and take note about the Mass Media manipulation and hysteria which turned half of the population, over night against these poor animals. If you wish, send it too.I will provide emails at the…

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Dear friends, This is an emergcency and a horrible situationDue to a tragic incident in Bucharest ) where a 4 years old child died because of the wounds inflicetd by some dogs ( who were living on a partially deserted construction site, beloging to a developper SR LAGUNA TEI ) because both the victim and his 6 years old brother have been left UNSUPERVISED for more than 20 minutes by their…

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