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When you sign, you will add momentum to the Homeport petition. The Council already has a report from the General Manager saying that this is an easy thing to do and even suggested which flagpole the Sea Shepherd flag could fly from. We just need to give the Council a bit of a push to recognise that many people would like to do this nice thing!  Thanks for signing the petition, Jon

FOR over a decade the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has berthed at the Hobart on their way to the Southern Ocean to protect and prevent whales from being harpooned. The 2012 Mercury Great Tassie Survey found two out of three Tasmanians (66%) support Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling actions. Hobart is already publicly known as the ‘unofficial’ homeport of the Bob Barker (The Mercury, 26th Nov. 2013).

WHEN in port the ships excite interest and local visitors to the waterfront and add an extra special moment for tourists. The ships refuel and resupply with food and consumables from local businesses, while the crew has made community bonds and friends throughout Hobart and themselves take time to explore Hobart and take those stories back to their homes. The presence of the ships in the City add life, interest, and a cultural experience to Hobart.

WE the undersigned petitioners ask that the Hobart City Council recognise the long term bond and connection that Hobart has as Sea Shepherd’s Antarctic gateway and confirm this bond by declaring Hobart as the Honorary Homeport of the Bob Barker and to fly the Sea Shepherd flag on the Hobart Council Centre Building when the Bob Barker is in Hobart.

Campaign won!

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